In our days new technologies are increasingly being used in our schools. student.education2020 become an indispensable tool for a teacher or for the apprentice, with the internet we can do everything and have it all. It is no longer a secret to say that today we can take courses online and get our normal way of graduation. It is in this same view that student.education2020, allows professionals and students to take courses online. To access, it is recommended to use the following method:

How to create an account on the site?

Administrator login

Fill in these fields to connect your interface

Student.education2020 is a website that provides an opportunity for all those who wish to take courses online, and can do whatever the place where you are.

However, to have access to, it is up to the teacher to the student creating an account to it.

He creates a user from a few letters of his full name and the password as it is directly assigned to the student by the teacher or a superior entity.

In fact, after creating the account, student.education2020, assign the student of connection elements.

How to connect to student.education2020?

Virtual classroom

Logging into your virtual classroom here!

When the account creation process is completed, students can now access the virtual classroom and begins to start its courses online with e2020.

Make click on this link and a page that allows you to log in to the site will be launched. Once done, you might see two spaces reserved connection to the student and the administrator entitled:

  • Virtual Classrom
  • Web Administrator
Education 2020 application

Choose the best option for your situation

The section reserved for students is virtual classrom”. Is click it and you will go directly to the page which allows you to login and have the opportunity to integrate and a dynamics VC.

When the page is displayed, you will be asked to enter your username in the following fields:

  • Username
  • Password

The “username” is the user name that you received from the teacher that you must enter the letter and the password. Once done, click on the gray connection entitled “Enter”.

It is important keep in mind that students under thirteen years old should first obtain the consent of their parents long before their teacher opens an account.

And for parents who want to know more about the program, they will have information on answers.

With your account, you can dice now have the opportunity to take courses, get answers to your concerns and even get answers world history in a take part.