Teach account allows teachers to manage their certification and fingerprinting. This is a destination about the teaching role. Go on www.highered.nysed.gov

OTI : How to self-register your Teach account

  1. Go to the Teach account self registration page where you will be informed of the latest benefits of using this service.
  2. Click the ‘Continue’ arrow on the bottom right of the page to continue.
  3. Read the guidelines provided, and then click the ‘Continue’ arrow again.
  4. Please note, if you already have a TEACH account you may not sign up for an additional account without consulting technical assistance first!
  5. Click ‘Continue’ then the Self-Register NOW’ button on the bottom right.
  6. Complete the ‘User Information’ section by filling in details such as your name, phone number and address.
  7. Fill in your ‘Login Information’ section which includes your username. The identifier and sign in key for your account on the TEACH system.
  8. Complete your password, remember that this must be as secure as possible to protect your accounts information.
  9. Type the security CAPTCHA to progress.
  10. Choose ‘Create Account’ to go to the next stage.
  11. Now, check all of the information you have entered and confirm it is correct. If it is not, return to the previous form to correct it.
  12. Click ‘Continue’ and agree to the oath provided in the dialogue box.
  13. You have now created a directory account! This can be used to login and manage your TEACH account on the NY.gov information panel which includes the TEACH services.
TEACH self registration

Fill in this fields first ti register on TEACH


What can I use the TEACH system for?

The TEACH system allows you to complete a vast array of tasks related to your teaching information and security clearance. Below is a list of functions you can complete once registered:

  • Apply for fingerprint clearance
  • Apply for a certificate
  • Check the status of your application(s)
  • View/update your profile (update address, request a name change or social security update, etc.)
  • View your certification record (evaluations and issued certificates)
  • View/update your professional development record for your Professional or Teaching Assistant 3 certificates.
  • Apply for a duplicate certificate
  • Manage kindergarten certification

This convenient control point offers enough of the essential tasks you are required to aspire you to create an account today. A flexible range of accounts are available dependant on your teaching role. There is the PERSONAL ACCOUNT for applicants and the ADMINISTRATIVE ACCOUNT which is for teachers in the realm of college, school, higher ed and district administrators and other agencies.

School employee

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The Office of Teaching Initiatives (OTI) New York State (NYS) is the manager/management and controller of the TEACH interface and creating of its accounts. If you have trouble setting up or using the ‘ forgot my password ‘ functions please contact the OTI immediately for help. New York, for NYS, SED, NYC DOE are all OTI acronyms and are explained on the boards website.