Sprout online is aimed at parents with preschool-aged children. The site offers access to videos, activities, and games on sproutonline.com. Login now!

Find videos of favorites such as Kipper and Sesame Street, as well as their own fun shows. Parents can also entertain and teach their kids with a variety of games, crafts and activities.

Register with Sprout online

Parents can register free with Sproutonline by filling in the online form. This requires an email address and some personal information, which includes name, date of birth and zip code. Parents must choose a password for their account and once registered they can then login by entering their email address and password. This provides access to all the fun of Sprout.

Play sprout games

Sprout games

Find a lot of games for your children and play with them to share a convivial moment.

There are plenty of simple games for preschoolers, with these being both entertaining and educational. Favorites include the Dress Chica game, where kids can adorn this cartoon chicken with an array of items that include:

  • Sunglasses
  • Tiaras
  • Scarves
  • Clothes

Once complete the dressed-up picture of Chica can be printed out or sent to Sprout, where it may be shown on TV. Other fun options on the website include build a dolls house with Caillou and feed the penguins with Sarah.

Watch child videos

The videos on Sprout include great shows such as Bob the Builder, Noddy and Barney, to name just a few. Sprout also produces their own programs and these include the Sunny Side Up Show, the Chica Show and the Goodnight Show. There are many videos to choose from so that parents and kids can find something they will enjoy.

Children Activities

Parents can find a host of activities and crafts for their preschool child. This includes pictures that can be printed out to color in, making a puppet theater and dressing up activities. There are also simple recipes on the website that parents and children can make together. Some of the options include peanut butter apple slices, strawberry cream pancakes and a duck pear snack.

Other Features on sprout online.com

Parents can send a birthday card for their child, which may be displayed on one of Sprout’s shows or on a scrolling feature on the website. Kids can have fun making helping out or Mother’s Day coupons, where they promise to do chores. It is also possible to shop on the app store for Sprout games and activities.

Parents with preschool children will find Sproutonline fun and entertaining, and it is a great website to join.

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