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Learn how to download st math as an app for any mobile device.

Everything You Need to Know About

MIND Research Institute is a non-profit organization created to promote an innovative approach to learning math visually, which is a natural way for kids to understand complex, abstract concepts.

Their concept consists of software games available through both the web-based software and the mobile app downloadable from iTunes and Google play.

Pupils will need them for schoolwork on their tablets if the school computer lab is not available for online work.

[important]Not everyone can access the software, as it is available exclusively to the US schools participating in this innovative program, currently 2050 of them in 35 states.[/important]

The latest version of these games featuring a cute penguin JiJi cover the standard K-5 math curricula, the Common Core K-5 curricula, the Middle School differentiated curriculum used in grades 6-8 and the secondary Intervention used in high schools.

How to Use Spatial Temporal Math

This software program is intended for use:

  • At school
  • But also for additional practice at home.

The participating schools are assigned their respective activation codes, and parents are sent a letter with a code for home access.

To access the games at home, visit the ST Math home page : and click on “JiJi” the penguin.

Go to the ST Math registration page

Go to the ST Math registration page

You will land to the Homework entrance page. For the initial access, you’ll need to click the “Enter activation code” button at the bottom right corner.

Register on ST Math

Register on ST Math

You will be prompted to click the school-provided access code on the virtual keyboard, and then you’ll be asked to allow unlimited temporary local storage on your computer. This will land you to the Welcome page for your kid’s school.

Student login to ST Math

At the Welcome page :

  1. Click on “JiJi” once again, and the penguin will start the demo.
  2. When he stops in front of a tunnel, your kid should click at the center of the page to log into their personal account.
  3. In the ST Math login page, a two-field form will be launched for the child’s username and the picture password taught at school. These 13-picture passwords are not difficult for kids to memorize as they rely on picture recognition.
  4. Once logged in, the kid can either re-do and practice the games done at school, or proceed to the Challenge level in case they managed to complete the tasks designed for their current grade level.
  5. Sample demo problems from the Big Seed game levels can be seen at, which is useful if your child gets stuck.

This software is a powerful visual learning tool for school children of all levels of intellectual ability. It can be used on tablets if the school-obtained license comprises the touch functionality feature. Moreover, you can access another method of help-school for the children online.

ST MATH from Mind Research Institute

ST MATH from Mind Research Institute
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