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How to create an account on Study island.com?

Create study account

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To register an account on study island.com, simply go on the home page of study website.  It will take you directly to the registration page website. Once the page is connected, there are two choices available to you are:

  • Submit
  • Register

Select “Register” by clicking it. Then you will see the registration form at the site. Fill it correctly with precise and verifiable Register and finish by clicking “submit”, which is just below the form.

Login to the website.

Login Island account

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To do this, go to the site from link http://www.studyisland.com/web/index/. This is the main page of the site you can see the connection space with the following:

  • User ID
  • Password

To fill in these fields you will need the user name for the “User ID” and password for the field “password” you specified during registration. Then made click on “Submit” to connect and use your space.

For kids as well as adults and even teachers, you have the possibility of curricula and teaching methods.

As example, the literacy program Readingeggs that help strengthen the five pillars of reading is possible through this site. Documentation rewarding and beneficial for candidates for state testing.

Today, there is no reason to cheat to succeed because everything a pupil or a student need is within reach. For more practice, you can use studyisland.com Mobile to access easily to your scholar programs directly from your mobile.

What to do if you forget your username?

Contact study island

You need help? Contact them!

If you forget your login, this is not a major concern. Simply go to the login page of the site and look just below the space that allows you to login, you will see the field “Forgot password”.

Click it and a new page will open another tab on which you will be asked to enter your “user nameand then made click “Get Hint”.

However, students who have registered their account via the school can simply obtain their identifiers from their respective teachers.