To speed up the claims process applications for unemployment insurance in the State of New Jersey, the government has set up the website


How to make a claim inquiry?


Insurance claim file

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Because of the consequences due to the Hurricane Sandy in New Jersey, the state is an extension applications unemployment insurance benefit to potential applicants.

So he asked you to go on website. Should be notified that requests can still be made by telephone, but because the duration of the processing of applications, it is preferable to make a claim online.

The link above takes you directly to the main page of the site. On this page you will see the following information:

  1. File or reopen your UI Claim
  2. Claim Inquiry
  3. Claim weekly Benefits
  4. Direct Deposit
  5. 1099 Inquiry
  6. Address Change

How to open a claim file on

Send your claim online

Click on “continue” to begin your claim

To register a claim on folder, select “File or reopen your UI Claim”. Click it and subscription page will appear.

Depending on the task you wish to perform, you have on hand the following items that will lead to your application:

  • File A Claim
  • File/Update Direct deposit
  • Updte adress/Telephone
  • Claim Inquiry
  • Web 1099-G

Make click on the field that will seem most appropriate for your application and follow the instructions so scrupulous.

As soon as you have informed your information, do not forget to validate if the request is not taken into account.

Once this step is completed, you should now open your claim inquiry and inform requested information in relation to your current situation.

To the extent you change your address or phone number, it is your responsibility to report before pursuing your claim inquiry.

The option will allow you to do is just down the page. It is entitled “Address Change”.

Make click it and you could make your change compared with either your bank number, your home address.

However, for more information on this new procedure, you can also turn to the Faq by directing your search with elements such as: claims of the unemployed since the storm Sandy in New Jersey.

Reemployment call center

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