Higher One Account is a bank for students in college or university. Here we explain how the company works and how to login at higheroneaccount.com.

Create Your Higher One Account and sign in

It is very simple to create a Higher One account for yourself. Follow these six steps to start on Higher One:

  1. Navigate to the website,
  2. Click on New User get started in the green box on the top right (You will need the green envelope with your card inside),
  3. Enter the number on your card to authenticate your account,
  4. Fill out your profile with your information,
  5. Choose which account you would like to open,
  6. Set up your refund and you are set.

You can sign in to your account any time you wish via the internet. Use the opportunity to make sure that you are not over your daily withdrawal limit. Higher One offers three different accounts with multiple features that make banking student-friendly. Fees for accounts are waived based upon minimum monthly deposits starting at only $100 per month. The company was founded by students and partners with post-secondary institutions to offer students a convenient choice for receiving their loan and other “educational funding”. Refunds are processed as quickly as possible, and you can track their status online through the site.

Higher One Account login

Screen you will find when you connect at higheroneaccount.com.

Check Your Balance at www.higheroneaccount.com

It is easy to check your balance by logging into the site from your computer or the “mobile phone app”. You can also contact customer service – just use the phone number on your card. At ATMs you will be able to check your balance using your card. Another way of finding your balance is via daily texts to your phone.


Settlement happens after you have used your debit card and then returned the merchandise. Unlike cash transactions, when you use a debit card, the money will not be credited back into your account immediately. How you will receive your settlement will depend upon how the store or service handles their transaction settlements.

There are two main types:

  • Some will process reimbursements on a daily basis.
  • Others will refund based on a pre-set schedule such as weekly, set times of the week or even monthly.

You are at liberty to contact the place you bought your item from should you feel the time you have been waiting for a refund of your funds is in excess of the expected or normal period. Parents who would like more information about the Higher One accounts and services are welcome to check out the information available on the website. Underneath the menu for services you will find a parent link to information about depositing payment to your child’s account, responsible banking and how to talk to your child about money, and also options for sending your Plus Loan refund to your son or daughter.

Higher One address

Higher One 
115 Munson Street,
New Haven, CT 06511