Opening a Chase savings account at is one of the smartest financial decisions that you’ll make this year.

Why Choose Chase savings account?

With all the competition, it can be hard to make the right choice about your savings account. However, choosing Chase gives you all of these benefits:

  • Best savings rates – the current Chase savings accounts offers the best rates of 2015 no matter how much you put in each month. You can easily access an interest rate of 2.5%, which will increase as you deposit more.
  • Low fees – if your balance is under $15,000, you’ll only pay a $20 service fee, which gives you full access to your accounts and the ability to transfer money automatically from your Chase checking account each month.
  • Excellent customer service – online reviews show the customer service at Chase to be the best in the industry, both in person and over the phone. Their online support team is available 24/7 meaning that help as always at hand.
  • Coupon codes – unlike other banks, you can pick up coupons to help you set up your Chase savings account. These tend to be linked to the amount of your initial investment, so a $10,000 could earn you a bonus $100 with the right coupon.

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Setting Up Your Chase Account

Banking with Chase couldn’t be easier as you can access your money through their website or the easy to use smartphone app. Follow these simple steps to get your Chase savings account up and running:

  1. Apply online – just about everyone is accepted, but make sure you read the terms and conditions, especially the numbers and digits about rates and monthly fees.
  2. Sign in – you’ll need your routing number and the password you’re given on sign up. This is usually sent through the mail to stop online fraud. You’ll then need to choose security questions which will be the same for online banking and if you need to call customer service.
  3. Link your accounts – Chase offer relationship rates if you hold other Chase accounts and typically the more you have, the better interest rates you can earn.
  4. Start saving – you can set up an automatic amount to be paid in from another Chase account, set alerts and savings goals and make cheque deposits with your computer’s webcam.

So for easy of access and the best rates of 2015, go to and start saving for your next big adventure.

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