Have an Huntington account? Sign up to their online services. Log on now to your Huntington online banking account on onlinebanking.huntington.com

This is a simple way to keep control of finances and access the many benefits that a Huntington bank account provides.

Create a Huntington Online Banking Account

Personal customers that want to setup a Huntington online banking account have a couple of options. They can do this through the main website at huntington.com or through the online banking website at onlinebanking.huntington.com. To start the process click on the Sign Up icon and follow the simple steps to create an online account. Customers will need their bank account details to complete the process and have to select a username and password. Business customers need to contact Huntington through the phone number given when the click on the “Sign Up” icon or they can send an email.

Sign On Huntington

Login Huntington online banking

After your registration process, login directly from the website home page.

Personal and business customers that have created an account can gain access to it at the main website through the Welcome to Your Online Banking app on the left hand side of the page. Alternatively they can use the Huntington online banking website. This opens up with a login page and is the simplest way to access an account. Simply input the username and password created during the account setup process to login.


Customers that want to gain a better understanding of Huntington’s online bank services can do so through the main website. Look to the Welcome to Your Online Banking app and click on the “Learn More” icon. This brings up demo videos where the requirements and benefits of an online bank account are explained. These include:

  • Introduction
  • Bill Pay
  • Transfers
  • Online Statements videos

Details are available for personal and business customers.

Check Balance

Customers logging in will be taken directly to the accounts overview screen. This is a document center that shows all accounts and clicking on one will provide more details. Customers can then check their balance, see recent transactions and download their account history.

Huntington Online Banking Support Center

Huntington has a support center that is available through an online bank account. Once logged in, customers should look to the right hand side of any page where they will see the support center app. This provides customer service support where queries about an account will be answered.

Huntington online banking accounts are easy to set up and use, and any customer of the bank should create one.

Huntington Head Quarters: Columbus, Ohio