It is important to notice that in the State of Georgia, the site is platform to present the most skill to provide stakeholders with information on issues of health or social services. So for benefit from these advantages, it is best to subscribe an online account defined in step below.

How to create an account on Compass.Ga?

Create Gov account

Click here to create your account on Compass!

Go to the main page of Compass to create an account. Once the page is displayed you will have a multitude of information in the form fields you have time to read.

However, you first interested in the fourth field Mycompass account”. It is this field that will allow you to register your account.

Indeed click it and it will lead to a space reserved connection to the account holder and those who would like to enroll. Open the page, you will find the following:

  • Login
  • Create account

Choose the “create account” and make a click. A page will open and account creation process into six steps on you is described in detailed.

Complete all the fields correctly and especially those which are mandatory. If you do not understand something, the field “Help” at the top right, just next to the field “print”, give you more details.

Then, make a click on “Continue”. Once the six steps have been properly completed, it will do more to validate your registration and will thus create account.

Note that the entry in the account can be done in other languages such as espanol.

Compass en espanol

Shift your language here!

Login to the Compass website

Login Compass

Fill in these fields to logging in

To connect to the site and begin to use your space, it is up to you to go to the login page and enter your login information in the following fields:

  1. User ID
  2. Password

The User ID is your username chosen during the registration process and the password too. Should fill the word and in the same way these elements not to face rejection.

In addition, these identifiers are strictly personal and must not be disclosed to any other person. Thus, as soon as you are ready you can start a procedure among many others and make a change at any time.

This platform is a guide and also a way for families to obtain information on their social situations. Whether on food stamps to childsupport in relation to child care, you will be entitled to all relevant information.

Topics are at your disposal. It lets you choose the self service that suits you and can even make the report changes, opting for another language like spanish for non-English speakers.

You also have the advantage of food stamps reveiw before you make a choice or see the Application Status for changes or a simple check.

If you forget your identifiers from

Password lost Compass

Follow these steps to reset your password

When we lose these identifiers, there is no cause for alarm. As in many other sites, there is a procedure in place that power. Indeed, on the login page to find your account the following fields:

  • Forgot User ID
  • Forgot Password

Depending on your situation, select the option that will solve your problem.

For those who choose “Forgot User ID”, the procedure is as step or you will be asked to enter your personal information according to your status once done, click “continue” until the steps are completed.

For those who opt for “Forgot Password”, simply follow the steps to rehabilitate your password and then click “Continue” too. You done correctly, you will get your ID.