Citibank Online account can now be accessed online to give customers more ways to do banking. With an online account, any Citibank account owner can sign on now to check balances, pay bills and process money transfers in just a few clicks. Aside from that, multiple accounts can now be linked in order to avoid monthly fees. Here are the simple steps to follow when connecting to a Citibank account.

Create An Account on Citibank Online

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Visit and see how it can provide convenient banking access. For first time users, register first by clicking the link “register” just above the “sign-on” option to create an account. Put in all the required details and the account can now be accessed once the whole registration process is done.

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Once the e-mail address has been verified and all pertinent details are complete, users can now sign on to their Citibank Online account. This requires a User ID and Password that was given to the user during the registration process. An option to remember the computer ID is available for easy access. There is an espanol translation available if the User ID or Password is forgotten. This service can be accessed many countries including Citibank online UAE, India, Singapore, and Philippines.

Check Your Balance

As soon as the correct User Id and Password is entered, it will automatically lead to user to the account profile in which the enrolled accounts can be checked. It also provides details on the last time the user logged-on, the e-mail address enrolled and other account information. Users can check their balance without going to ATM machines or to the bank. This also has espanol translation for further understanding. To check an account balance, Citibank will send an OTP pin code for security purposes. This is done every time an account owner wants to check his or her account balance. The OTP pin code will be sent to the customer’s mobile via SMS. Once received, all that needs to be done is to enter the OTP pin once it is received.

Citibank Headquarters: New York

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With Citibank online UAE, India, Singapore, and Philippines, every account can now be accessed anytime and anywhere. Thanks to this technology, account owners can now easily transact business, quickly transfer payments and make personal requests by just a touch of a finger. Visit today.