is a site that supports the rights of people unemployed by giving them coverage. Check here for a job in Oregon! So for these benefits, you just make a click and connect.

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How to subscribe a claim online?


Online claim Oregon

Choose your situation in order to send your claim

To fulfill its claim form online, the applicant must log on to the site Once the page will display a series of information and opportunity you have provided.

For new applicants, choose click on “File Claim your new“. A page of instructions followed prior to you will present. Indeed, before filling a start, it is important that you proceed to setting the time on your computer using the following steps:

  1. First make a click on your computer’s clock
  2. After check the time and date as affine make adjustments that will need to set the time on the coast. Then click Ok

Once completed, please click on “Continue” to proceed with the application.
The next step will be that of eligibility to sign an online application directly or through the unemployment insurance centers on

So if you are in the following cases, you must first call centers to submit your application:

  • You have already filed a claim form in another State other than the latter;
  • You did not get any work in the State of Oregon for about a 1 year and 6 months;
  • More importantly, you are a U.S. citizen you do not live in the United States.

But if it does not concern you, then you must be able to provide the following documents for online registration which takes about 30min of your time:

  • A social security number (a number and your valid);
  • Your professional experience over a period of more than a year at least, with specific dates and contacts and addresses of your employers;
  • The income you received during these hires;
  • For non-US you need your part number identity abroad;
  • And finally your personal information or you may join at any time.

After taking note of this, you can now start your claim online by clicking “Begin claim.” The page will display your request to find out information about your previous working situation.

You just have to answer with Yes / No. Then, just click on that “Continue“.

[important]Caution: it is essential to conduct an audit of the answers before click on “continue” because you will not have the opportunity to make changes as errors. Also, don’t use any back button on your browser.[/important]

Planning your week of claim

Week claim request

Click on “continue” to make your week claim

When the procedure is completed, you can now start making your claims online and weekly hours as defined by management. To do this, you just need to click on “Claim a week of benefits“.

New instructions you will follow while completing the information it takes. Every time, just do click on “Continue” to proceed until the procedure ends. Then you will be asked to simply validate.

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