This guide provides resources for Macy’s associates to help them make the most of their benefits by creating a Macys Insite account at

Create an Account on Macys Insite

By registering for an account on the Macy’s page, Macy’s and Bloomingdale’s employees gain useful insights into :

  • The payroll
  • Their work shift schedule
  • Discount and commission opportunities
  • Health plan and other benefits

This means that creating an account on Macy’s Insite is not an option for general public, but the new website was designed exclusively for employees.

To register a new account, visit and out of the five existing red tabs, click the last one to the right, labeled “my in-site“.

Go to the registration page to create an Macys account

Go to the registration page to create an Macys account

This will land you to the new url with a large rectangle-shaped bright red “sign in” button as the only clickable option.

This is fine for already registered employees, however for the initial visit to the website, you must navigate your browser to so that you can set up an account in the first place.

To be allowed to do this, you need to verify your identity by entering in the Macy’s login page :

  1. Personal data,
  2. Your social security number,
  3. And most importantly the 8-digit number representing the unique employee ID.

    Create an Account on Macy s Insite

    Create an Account on Macy s Insite

All new Macy’s employees are issued their employee ID’s by the HR department.

Sign in to

Now that you’ve registered with macys insite using your employee ID number, the login procedure is quite straightforward. Just hit the red sign in button, and you’ll be landed on a new page with a single field to fill in, and that is once again your 8-digit employee ID.

This step is necessary as a security precaution measure, since your employee profile entails sensitive financial and personal employee data. To protect you further, the system will log you out automatically if your session is longer than five minutes, and you’ve been inactive for that time period.

As most employees are on the go for much of the time, and not only during their commute, the company has designed a mobile app as a handy innovation that will enable you to check out your shift schedule and current paycheck status.

To do this, simply choose the login mobile option when visiting the insite web page from your mobile device. If the app is not working, you can either use the standard desktop browsing option, or look under the “Communications” tab for the system administrator number and get help for your mobile login.

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