Woodlands Online was established in 1996 to serve the residents and the businesses of the Woodland area on woodlandsonline.com.

By offering an online business and organization directory, as well as an online ad publishing feature to the local community.

Register with woodlandsonline.com

To register with Woodlands Online, click the “Register” button on top of the homepage. You will be asked to accept or decline the registration agreement.

If you’re comfortable with the terms, press the ‘I Accept This Agreement button’, which takes you to the site registration form. Fill in your personal information, a desired username and password and the type of information you’d like to find on the website. Click the ‘Submit My Registration’ button.

Woodlands register agreement

Before signing up, you have to read and validate the woodlands agreement

Log into your account wood lands

To login, click the ‘Login’ option link on top of the homepage, underneath the ‘Register’ option.

Classified ads woodlandsonline

To view or post a classified ad, click theClassifieds tab on top of the homepage. To look for an ad, use the search function on the page and type in your keyword, or choose a category from underneath.

The list ranges from babysitters to pets and you will be sure to find recent, up-to-date ads. Searching the word mobile, for instance, returns everything from printers to child bedding, so try to look for specific phrases in your search. To add your own classified ad, click the ‘Post a Classified Ad’ link in the ‘About Classifieds’ section.

Job search

Job example Woodlands

Find all jobs in woodlands area. This is an example of that you will find online

To browse through the WOL Jobs Market, click the ‘Jobs’ tab on the homepage and enter your keyword in the search box or select a category from the list underneath. You can post a job or a resume by using the link in the ‘About the Jobs Market’ section.

Garage sale

To look for a garage sale in your area, go to the “News & Events” tab on top of the homepage and select the ‘Announcements’ option in the Woodlands News & Media section. The select the ‘Families’ category, or simply type in ‘Garage sale’ in the search box provided underneath.


If you’d like to browse our car ads, select the ‘Shopping’ tab on top of the homepage. Select ‘Classifieds-Cars Boats RVs’ from the Cars section. Use the search box by typing in the car of your choice, or browse through the list of categories underneath.

Event search

To look for an event near you:

  • select the ‘News & Events’ tab at the top of your homepage
  • and the select the event calendar option.

You will be shown a list of WOL events that you can sort and filter using the drop-down boxes and calendar on the top of the list.


For sport-related information, select the Sports tab at the top of the homepage. The ‘WOL Sports’ option will give you all the current community game and match information. You can browse through the community directory or browse upcoming matches.

Business news

To look for news in the world of banking and business within our community, select the ‘News & Event’ tab, followed by the ‘News’ option in the ‘Woodlands News & Media’ section at the top of the page.

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