Discover here what do accountants do all day. Their mission, importance of their job and many other aspects of this very important job are presented to you in some lines. All necessary to know about the accountant and its role in the company.


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The management is a very important discipline of which the knowledge allows to manage suitably the “daily life”. Indeed, to manage it is to plan as it is told and to plan allows to avoid a great deal of problems.

The accounting management is one of the most important branches of this discipline and the accountant is that one of which the specialty is the accounting management. Indeed, the accountant is before any an administrator.

It is also someone who has to have certain number of qualities and required meadow. Indeed, the accountant must be reliable, far-sighted and effective. He must also know how to manipulate IT tools for an efficient use of the software of accounting.

Accountants in businesses.

The accountant can work in any sorts of activities whether it is for a big company or for small businesses. He also works in accounting firms and is so under the authority of a structure of accounting which proposes its corporate services. He is also authorized to work at banks and other financial institutions.

The first mission of the accountant is to follow the accounting of companies of which he is an agent so that their situation is always good. To achieve his mission the accountant owes make two important tasks that are:

  • The monthly and annual statements of the VAT
  • The balance assessment

Except two three tasks which he has to achieve in precise terms, the accountant owes make daily tasks of financial management and control of accounts. He indeed owes, to analyze the financial needs for the company to elaborate a budget and make the payments which it is necessary in adequacy with this budget.

He has to make sure that the company has reserves and also make sure that the debtors pay off their debts. He is the interlocutor of the financial services of the state.

He has to fill tax declarations and make sure that the company settle of his/her entire taxes. The heaviness of the tasks of the accountant varies according to the size of the company the accounting of which he manages.

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The accountant thus appears as a major component of a company. He manages the accounts of the company, establishes the budget, makes reserves and payments not so as to put the finances of the company in “danger”.

He settles the financial terms of the company with the treasury and makes the annual balance assessment of the financial position of the company. Without accountant, no company can move forward.