Your Staples Easy Rebates Account allows you to access and follow all your rebates from your computer, at home no clipping, on But how to sign in? Thanks to this website you can easily check how your card is going. So far so good?

Staples Easy Rebates Account: tutorial to create an account and sign in

The next step is checking directly from your computer the status of your card. Here are the quick steps to follow to do so:

Rebate Card Balance

To begin from the home page, click on “Check my rebate card balance”

  1. First of all, visit the address
  2. Create an account by clicking on “Check my rebate card balance” Note: you can also directly access by entering the address in your browser.
  3. Enter your 16-digits card number to set up your online account and press enter.

That’s it! 3 quick steps to create account which now allow you to sign in and check your balance.

To sign in and check your rebatecard balance.

Login Staples rebates

First time users or current customers, enter into your account here

  • Return to the web page either through the home page and by clicking on “Check my rebate card balance” or else by directly entering the web address in your browser and clicking enter.
  • Enter your Card Account Number and click on “Log in” to directly log in to your account.

From there on you can easily check your balance by clicking on “Check my card balance” every time you wish to do so.

Check out the different options available on the website, among which, the option to track your own discount. You can do so either by clicking on “track an easy rebate” or else by entering in your browser.

Another very useful option you should be aware of, is that you can search and find good offers online. Access this page by clicking on “Find offers now” under the Looking for great offers now” category on the right bottom of your screen.

Under staples/ you will find another option still under development to help you track even more discounts.

Have a great time on this website, and keep finding more offers every time!

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