USA Amazon is a place to buy and sell. It’s a hugely popular website and because of this, they have an Amazon customer service number for handling complaints of their many customers.

A popular site usually has an easy to use interface, simple and secure sign up requirements and a streamlined service.

USA Amazon is no different, and I will describe this service, its functions and the customer service 2013 below.

Amazon Contact Numbers

North America : 1-866-216-1072
Worldwide : 1-206-266-2992

Connecting to the USA Amazon page couldn’t be easier.

On the main page of Amazon, click sign-in. 

Access to your Amazon's account

Sign in your Amazon’s account

Enter your username and password on the Amazon login page.

Login to your Amazon account


Now you can access your account page.

Here, you may manage your settings, review previous and pending orders and much more. It’s easy to place an order once you’re signed in, and Amazon lists new and used products to buy.

Here is a guide seeing purchases on your account:

Checking your purchases :

  • On the main account page, click view orders.
  • This lists each order you have bought from a seller.
  • Click on each tab to view further sub-divisions.

Amazon Phone Number for Customer Service

For contacting customer service in 2014, scroll to the bottom of the website page where you will find a link called help. Clicking this link will take you to a customer service page where you can find an option for kindle support, amongst other things.

Also in this section is a link to further help, where you can find the Amazon customer service number.

Just click the “contact us“ option and you will be re-directed to a page for setting up a phone query through Amazon contact numbers.

This page has three sections. The first asks you for a description of the problem, with options such as Kindle and Fire devices. The next section asks you to tell them more about the issue and the third gives you the option to contact them by phone.

[important]Overall, this website is very easy to use. Finding the Amazon phone number is straight forward and the customer service page covers all the problems that may arise with using Amazons services.[/important]

Connecting to your account is also a very simple process, and once you’re connected, all that Amazon and his platform shopping has to offer is at your finger tips.

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