With your unemployment webcert account, claim your insurance in Maryland. Learn how to filing webcert very quickly and how to contact the help center.

How to file my webcert in Maryland (for md).

To make your online declaration, you have to follow the webcert process. If you have ever do it, just go on File my Webcert. As you understand, we will explain how to do a continued claim. If it’s your first declaration, you have to do an initial claim.

File my Webcert

Your claim online very easily with “my webcert” in Maryland!

To file your unemployment assurance webcert, you have to take your social security number (SSN). Your SSN is made of 9 digits. You can find this number on your social security card.

When you have your SSN, follow these different steps:

  1. Go on the Maryland Unemployment Insurance website
  2. Click on “File my Webcert” on your left, at the top of the page
  3. Enter your SSN to identify yourself
  4. Click on “Submit”
  5. Follow Maryland states recommendations

[notice]NB: All webcerts submitted after 5:00 pm will be considered the next day (during business opening).[/notice]

How to get Webcert payment information?

Payment information

To obtain your payment information, just fill these fields

If you need payment information about your situation, click on “payment information” just below “File my Webcert”. Then, enter your SSN and your Personal Identification Number (PIN). You got your PIN Code during your initial claim. If it’s your first claim, see our first paragraph.

When you have filled these fields, you will access to your payment details.

[important]Caution, never use this application in order to have information about another person, you may be prosecuted. This system also exist in California (ca) or in Massachusetts (Mass).[/important]

Useful phone numbers.

Baltimore Metro South Claim Center                       410-368-5300 / 1-877-293-4125

College Park Claim Center                                        301-313-8000 / 1-877-293-4125

Calvert County Cumberland Claim Center        301-723-2000 / 1-877-293-4125

Salisbury Claim Center                                               410-334-6800 / 1-877-293-4125

Towson Claim Center                                                 410-853-1600 / 1-877-293-4125

Unemployment for español                                    301-313-8000 / 1-877-293-4125

Toll free only if you are calling from Maryland (MD)

Unemployment Webcert : 500 N Calvert St, Baltimore, MD ‎

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