Find here how manage your Turbine account and use powerfully all our games with different help and info on Asheron’s Call, Dungeons and Dragons Online and The Lord of Rings Online.

Info: Create your Turbine Account

To open an account on the Turbine platform, go on and click on “Don’t have an account”. This link is just under the username’s formulary.

To create your account, you need your product key. You can find your key on the box if you bought box video games, or in your mailbox if you purchased it online.

Then, enter your key in the following form:

Key product Turbine account

To finish, click on “submit”.

Afterward, you will complete a data field from your personal information.

Be sure to remember your username and your password, they will be necessary everytime when you will sign in.

Logging in Turbine

When you have register yourself, you need to login in order to manage your Turbine Account. To do it, you have to enter your username and your login in the following form:

Manage Turbine account

If you forgot your username or your password, you can click on “Forgotten your Username/Password?”, according to your situation.

If you forgot your username, you will know your email address.

Opposite, if you forgot your password, you will know your username.

If you forgot your username and your password, recover firstly your username, and then your password.

I forget my Turbine password

Turbine on social media

If you want follow the Turbine actuality on twitter, connect yourself to the Twitter of Turbine. You will join the gamer community of AC, DDO and TLRO.

Turbine Games are also on Facebook with more than 7000 fans, contact us on the Turbine Page.

Turbine on Youtube

You can see all Turbine movies on the youtube channel of the brand. New games, advices, you will be an expert of The Lord of Rings Online, Asheron’s Call or Dungeons and Dragons Online.

Turbine corporate info

If you need more information about the software company, you can visit Wikipedia and find main reports.

Visit the turbine Wikipedia article.