Fantage accounts 2016 is a popular role-playing game allowing customisation and socialisation.
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To access the world of Fantage 2014, you will first have to register, which is free of charge.

3 steps to begin the game :

  1. In the Fantage home page, click “Join now for free!

    Join now the World of Fantage

    Join now the World of Fantage

  2. Select an avatar from the options in front to bring up the registration fields in the Fantage register page.

    Select an avatar to you register on Fantage

    Select an avatar to you register on Fantage

  3. Enter your username, email address, age and passwords before clicking “Play now

Interestingly, it is possible to bypass this free registration by using the BugMeNot service, a username and password provider that was created to protest against the growing trend of websites asking for free registration to access their sites.

Advantages of Fantage accounts membership

Members are given a standard home to start off with in this game. The access other players have to it is determined by you, so you can set it so that everyone has access or no one does.

To improve your home, you would need to purchase a premium account, which allows you to upgrade and decorate your home using virtual currency.

In the world of Fantage 2014 July, there are 16 areas to discover, each featuring games, vending machines and shops. The games earn you currency that you can use to purchase items from the shops and vending machines.

However, you need to be a premium member to access the full range of items that can be purchased with this currency.

There are three forms of currency in-game : eCoins, virtual currency and you can also purchase with Gold.

It is the purchasing of items that allows for the customisation of a character, and new items are released on a regular basis. As example, with bb hair you can show-off the latest hairstyle available on your character.

[important]For assistance with any issues, head-over to their Facebook page or visit their Fantage“contact us” page, which has options for parents as well as users.[/important]

Sign in now and begin to play fantage

Overall, the sign-up process for Fantage game is simple, quick and intuitive. With fantage accounts, there are free perks to entice you in more, and the social and customisation features in the game make it an addictive experience.

You can write to fantage at the following address :

Fantage Headquarters

Fantage Headquarters
Fort Lee,
New Jersey