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What is SunPass used for?

Your SunPass Account is used to manage your SunPass service, this allows you to prepay for toll lanes throughout Florida’s popular locations, making your travel convenient and hassle free. You can use the SunPass website to purchase, activate, lookup activity and pay for your service. Setting up your SunPass is easy and is great for frequent travellers on some of Florida’s most busy and essential roads and highways. You can find a range of useful features and news about the device online as well as many help topics and tips, such as ‘how to check my balance’, for getting the most from your transponder. This text will show you how to register and setup your new account to get started as quickly as possible with SunPass.

How to create your SunPass Account:

  1. Go to the sunpass application page.
  2. Download the Application Form to request your account. Note that there are different application forms for commercial users, as well as forms available in alternative languages such as Spanish/Español.
  3. Clearly print and complete the form.
  4. Attach the money for your transponder in the mail envelope – the latest price will be printed on your application.
  5. Mail or Fax the application to the designated number shown on the webpage.
Sunpass application

To start with Sunpass, download application


You will receive your account details and new transponder in the mail belonging to your account, with instructions on fitting and activating your account attached. Continue reading this text if you have received your transponder and would like to know how to activate and access your account.

How to activate your SunPass Account

  • Activation is simple, go to transponder activation page.
  • Read and agree to the terms displayed by clicking ‘I Accept’.
  • Click the appropriate ‘Create Account’ button for your usage – either ‘Personal’ or ‘Commercial’.
  • If you have already created an account, login using your existing details.
  • Or, to create a new account – Fill in the form including personal details such as your name, phone number,account number, PIN and email address.
  • Check the boxes to indicate your preferences on what account services you would like to activate. Click ‘Next’ when this is complete.
  • Enter your vehicle details and click ‘Next’.
  • Fill in the Transponder ID and Information, supplied in with your mail received transponder device. Click ‘Next‘.
  • Choose and complete your payment information as detailed on screen.
  • Review that your contact info has been entered correctly, and if necessary, return to correct or add missing or incorrect information.
  • Finally, click ‘Finish‘ to end the process.
  • Your account is now activated and can be accessed, manage and transfer funds, just sign in to the portal.
Sunpass transponder

After reception, please activate your Sunpass transponder


Your SunPass device and account are now setup, activated and ready to go. Just visit the SunPass portal online to add funds to your account and simply enjoy your VIP service through many of Florida’s toll lanes. Thank you.

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