Fastrak allows to pay the toll fare on major roads, highways and express lanes in the Bay Area without stopping at toll booth. More at

It saves you time and allows you to get to your destination faster without the need for carrying cash. If you want to access the service, then you need to visit the website and open a Fastrak account.

Using Fastrak account for toll roads and metro express lanes

You can use fastrak in a variety of locations such as Los Angeles (la), San Diego, the Bay area, South Bay, Orange County, route 91 express, 91, the 110 as well as any other part of California. In fact, anyone with an address in the U.S can use Fastrak. You can also purchase a Fastrak account at a Costco location or visit the Costco website. If you are having any problems there is a 24/7 automated phone system as well as well as an in-person customer service center located on 62 First Street, San Francisco. When driving, be sure to have the Fastrak located in a visible area such as the windshield or rear view mirror. If you are a Minnesota’s driver, it will be very interesting to discover Mndriveinfo.

Creating an account at

Visit the website and follow the login instructions to sign up. You will need to provide:

fastrack signup

To signup, start to enter your account number or your Toll tag number and your ZIP Code

  • Valid email address
  • Credit card information
  • License plate number

You will then be sent a toll tag and validation code, with these you will be able to create a FastTrack account. To sum up, fastrak can be used in this sequence:

  1. Create an account
  2. Sign in
  3. Check your balance
Fastrack login

When your Fastrack account is created, just use this form to logging in

Closing my FastTrack account

If you want to close/cancel your account then you will need to fill out an account closure form. On the form you will need to fill in information such as the number of tags returned, the reason for closure and an address. You will also be asked to rate their customer service.

Fastrak is easy and convenient to use to get around quickly in the State of California, and it can be purchased at Costco locations or online. There is also customer service available 24/7: 1-877-229-8655 to remember this number, keep in mind 1-877-BAY-TOLL

Fastrack Customer Service

62 First Street

San Francisco

CA 94105