Using sears feedback survey, you can rate your purchases and visits to Sears. To use the web site is quick and easy. To make sure that your opinion is voiced & your feedback can be taken on board. Giving you a chance to rapidly have your say without wasting your day.

Sears feedback survey possible options:

Sears begin survey

To start giving your feedback, just fill these fields!

The possible options once you have accessed the website are as follows.

Create a Sears account

• Sign in

Check your balance

• etc.

Being able to create an account is vital, this will mean you can keep track of your visits to & it is easy to do once you have accessed the website. You can discuss your sale purchases & their is the capability to use English or give your opinion en espanol.

Once you have registered you will just be able to sign in & you can then access many other useful options such as checking your balance. Following the on screen instructions, you will be able to register & then sign in to your account to complete any survey that you would like. 4000 dollars

This website is available to customers who would like to take part in a sweepstake to win an incredible prize of $4000. To take part in this sweepstake just head to the above web address to complete the online entry form.

To use the searsfeedback web app just go to the address above, make sure you register an account (if this is your first visit) or sign in (on any subsequent visit) and you will be able to complete the survey regarding your visit to your local Sears. This is a great way to have your say & also give your feedback, giving you the chance to make sure your opinions are expressed. We hope you have fun using the web app & look forward to you visiting us.

Sears Feedback: Holding Corporation Headquarter

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