With Dollargeneralsurvey.com, Consumers can have the opportunity to express an opinion on the products they consume. To access make a click and reply to your survey.


How to participate in the survey?


Survey Dollar General

Answer all questions to valid the survey

To access the elements of the customer satisfaction survey, it is recommended to visit the main page of the site via a link of connecting dollargenerasurvey.com.

Make a click on this link and it will take you directly to the main menu. The page will open and you will know more specifically the purpose of the investigation.

So, before you continue taking the time to read the information stored in the “Rules, Regulations and privacy policy.”

Dollar privacy rules

Click here to begin the survey

Click it and a new tab will be launched. Read it carefully and then come back and continue on your page by clicking on “Next screen.”

Once the search is started, then you need to select the language that you practiced from the following two propositions:

  • English
  • Spanish

Make your choice, and then click “Next Screen” to continue.

Begin your Dollar General Survey online.

Dollargeneral code

Write your code here

However, to begin your survey, after the language selection, you will be asked, when the page is displayed to enter a “code survey” in the space reserved for it.

The “Survey Code” in question is the number of your receipt which is at the bottom of it. All this you specifying clearly and precisely not to include the “dashes” when you enter the code on your receipt.

Finish by clicking again on Next Screen” and return it to you methodically follow the instructions that will be given to properly respond to this online customer survey.

Dollar General Survey has developed this survey to improve the quality of their products and services so that consumers continue to find satisfaction.

Point of view it is important because with the fierce competition that exists in this environment, it is very important to establish close links with the consumer of the product.

We know that many of you would like to comment on the various products they buy or services you purchase, you have the option to participate in and satisfaction survey online.

So what are you waiting to visit the website dollargeneralsurvey.com and give your impressions?