How to connect to one’s Sears account with a few clicks. Here are the steps to follow to connect and manage one’s account securely. A simple process explained in detail to make your life easier.

Steps to follow to log in one’s Searskmart account

To log in to your account sears, you must firstly open the page of connection. For that, you just have to go to the sears account website.
Once connected to the login page of connection, you can see the two main parts concerning the connection to your account. These include:

  • Secure sign on
  • Not registered yet?

The first part is reserved for users who have already an account sears and the second one is for those who wish to open a new account sears.
The different steps for the connection to the account will be made at the frame “Secure Sign on”.
You will see in this part, fields to filled to get connected to your account. We have:

Sign on Sears

See how to login sears account online

  • User ID
  • Password

The field “User ID” is intended to receive the user ID that you chose during the creation of your account. Concerning the field “Password”, it will receive your password.
Once these fields are completed you must select the part of your account to which you want to connect to.
You make this choice among the proposals shown in the drop-down list “Take Me To” situated after the first two fields.

You will have at the level of this list the following choices:

  • Home Account
  • Account Activity
  • Make a payment
  • Balance Transfer
  • Statements
  • Rewards

Each of these proposals represents a part of your account.
Your global account is the sum of all these parts.
After selecting the desired interface done you will just have to confirmed your identifiers to gain access to your account sears.
If the validation is done with success you will automatically be redirected towards the page concerned by the choice made beforehand in the first drop-down “Take me to”.
For the validation, click on the red button “Sign on” placed at the bottom of the left-hand side of the frame.
The validation is the last step of this very simple process.
If it is effective, you will then be connected as user to your account and you can manage it without problem.

What’s to be done in case of forgetting its Sears Account Online identifiers?

Sears account password

You forgot your Sears password

Sometimes we forget our username or password.
Don’t care If you are in this situation, the solution is very simple.
In this case you will just have to click the option “Forgot your User ID or Password” situated just after the two fields (username and password).
Once you have clicked, a new page will be displayed in your browser.
You can see at this page a unique field namely: Enter your account number.
You will have to enter in this field the number of your account and validate your account by clicking the button “continue”.
After validation you will receive new ID and will be able to log in again to your account.