With the evolution of technologies, the site Mapquest.com offers you today the possibility to move in with a quick and safe direction so help you avoid the hassle road.

Steps required to register the card on the MapQuest Maps

Subscribe to an online account and get directions you want to mapquest.com

Sign in mapquest

Choose to login with Facebook! It’s easier

Having the opportunity to carefully design the map on mapquest.com essentially involves taking out a free online account.

In effect for access to space connection, it should first of all make a click on the link below mapquest directions.

Once the page is displayed, you have direct access to the connection space and create an account. So you are interested mainly two elements:

  • Sign In
  • Create Account

Choose to click on “Create Account“. Then you will be asked to enter information very simple such as your name, surname, telephone number and e-mail.

Finish by making a click on the green button below entitled “Create an Account”. And this is all! Congratulations you have created your account on the website mapquest.com.

It remains for you to go online and start using the tool to find the driving directions classic for your city trip. To access your account, simply enter your “email” and “password” then finish by clicking the green button that says “Sign In“.

A route planner that is available with all possible effects to better guide you in your travels

Travel option car

Choose the right configuration for your trip

When you begin to make a business trip or even a vacation, it is always advisable to have a live map on them, to be aware of the itinerary.

Indeed, in agreement with the technology, now with an account on Mapquest, you not only have the opportunity to build your own routes but you decide to use it as a guide for such a route planner.

In addition, for a better precision of the location, you can do a search in connection with a street view or a direction relative to a bus of the State of California or any other state.

With this you can also avoid traffic on the road and take a path much more fluid than that. With Mapquest, you are sure to get directions you need, you can also find hotels on your road.

The appropriate version of mapquest.com earth it will use

Mapquest New-york

See here a part of New-York view

To surf the wave of innovation, the updated version is the one that is recommended for users of the search tool.

Indeed, with updated options, it gives you exact details of the driving directions and maps directions around the world.

This is the version directions classic. However, for those who are a little hard to get used to it, you have the old version available for dedicated online.