You are an employee of the Hilton group, so this is for you. With Hilton Tmtp, you get the best discount hotel costs during your travels. For this, you only have to connect to the requested site.


About Team Member Travel Program


Step Hilton program

Follow these steps to benefit Hilton program

In order to reward their employees by granting certain privileges, the Hilton hotel group has implemented for these a program to reduce an employee rates.

Indeed, Hilton Tmtp supports room reservations for the employee and his family too. However, to access the program you must be able to meet the following requirements before you begin:

  • Be a regular employee or part-time group Hilton.
  • Use this advantage for holiday travel alone or with family.

If you are in good standing with that, then you may wish to be part of the program by registering online using the process described below.

How to subscribe to the program on

Hilton work location

Indicate your Hilton job location here

To register for the program team member travel, you must visit the website Hilton com /tmtp.

The page that appears will allow you to make another login page by clicking the orange button titled “Begin Here“. Once a link is opened, you will be asked to follow the following steps:

  1. Do a confirmation of your place of work, then doing click on “Find It”;
  2. Then, you will be asked to confirm the first step of the place and click “Continue”;
  3. Fill in the information requested by the form and do not forget to specify one of the Hilton Hotels where you want to go down and click on “Find Hotels”;
  4. Research will be launched and accurate information on the various dates and when available hotels will be provided. It only remains you to make your choice;
  5. For the rest, it would just provide the service your information and your credit card number to complete the registration process;
  6. Finally, go to the HR department to get the confirmation number which will be of help when you arrive at the hotel of your choice Hilton.

The process is completed, then Congratulations, because you come to plan your holidays with ease and speed.

You just have to wait for the date of your travel. If you have other concerns or want more information, you can contact Customer Service by email or by phone for more speed.

Benefits of the program Hilton TMTP

Access Hilton advantages

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When we are the Hilton Hotel employees, you can enjoy many benefits in terms of hospitality. In fact, everyone knows how difficult it is to find a hotel in an excellent hotel services when resources are not really.

For this, the resort managers are understood and Hilton offers this opportunity to its employees including his power to make family travel.

This again only to employees of Hilton, who do not working are considered guests and therefore conforms to the usual prices. To know more about Hilton, check the Page Hilton on Google Plus.