When you set up your LAWorks account online, you gain access to valuable job-seeking and unemployment resources at laworks.net.
You can use your account to search for jobs, submit your weekly claim for unemployment benefits online as well as by Easy Call telephone claim, lodge appeals, and learn about other LAWorks services.

Start on LAWorks.net

Here’s how to get started by opening a ‘HiRE’ account (Helping Individuals Reach Employment Goals):

  • Open the page at www.laworks.net. This is the homepage of the Louisiana Workforce Commission. Go to the My HiRE Account page by clicking on the link at the top of the main homepage. This is one of the links in small print to the right of the website logo and above the main menu bar.
  • Create an Account. On the HiRE page there is a box where you can Sign Up or Register for an Account. Following the Register link takes you to a page with several sign up options. Job-seekers and those claiming unemployment should choose the ‘Individual’ account option.
  • File an unemployment claim or fill out a Job Seeker profile. If you are filing for unemployment, you will be asked for your personal information as well as the name, address, and phone number of any place you’ve worked in the last 18 months. You might also be asked for the name and number of your union hall, and non-citizens will be asked for their Alien Registration number. Both benefit claimants and job-seekers will be asked to choose a user name and password, and give your Social Security number and valid email address.

Register easily and very quickly on LaWorks Account

Job seeker solution

Find a job very quickly with laworks.net. You can manage your account very easily

Once you are registered, you can sign in to the HiRE page to see your Dashboard. This is your customized job-seeking and benefit management page. From here you can:

  1. Check the status of your unemployment benefit application.
  2. File appeals.
  3. Make your weekly claim online, or find the phone number and more information about using the Easy Call telephone claim system.
  4. Manage your benefits and check your balance.
  5. See what other benefits you might be eligible for.
  6. Look for jobs in your industry or job openings in your neighborhood.
  7. Find job training programs and other opportunities.
  8. Access financial planning and budgeting tools.

Louisiana Workforce Commission 1001 N 23rd St, Baton Rouge, LA ‎(225) 342-3111

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