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Google disposed of the particularity of an application form quick and easy. No hassle! So, to open a Google email account, just go to the main page of the site via this shortcut account gmail.

Then, from the options located at the top of page, you field “Gmail“. Make click it and the sign in space appears. To create an account, click the red “Creating an account” and the registration form will be available.

If you need additional information, you have the “Help” to enlighten you.

Indeed, outside your username and your password, any other information that you must ask to be true.

Your username is unique and only you to possess as your password. That is why, if you provide your username already taken, Google will take care of you know.

However, before proceeding to the next step, click the check conditions of use and then you can click the blue button. Continue with the remaining steps and complete your registration by validating online that Google takes into account your new email.

Once this is done, you can congratulate you because your Google email account has been successfully created.

Regarding access to your account, just go to the place of connection and login with your new username. You’ll just need two things:

  • User Name
  • Password

Finally, finish by clicking “Connect” to start enjoying your benefits Google

Google email is accessible to everyone and all organizations.

Google Business

Google offers a lot of products for businesses. Gmail is one of them

Whatever your status or social position, you can subscribe to a Gmail account. The most important thing is to have access to the internet in order to login to your account.

For business with new application Google apps which is easy to install on any machine, you can stay connected with your colleagues. In addition, as Google can not do things by halves, it also functions to think much more interesting for organization.

Indeed, you have the opportunity as a leader of your organization to set up a mail Google for any business. Google features those allow everyone to find his account. You have instant messaging, Google +, SMS messaging are available.

There is not only the business world which finds its account the field of education also has its place. Google apps for education you have only a few small steps to your personalized area and be connected with you students.

These functions are provided for kids and students as pupils you can stay at any time interconnected.

Google Email Account settings : easy to understand.

Email accounts setting

If you receive an email notification suspecting hacking, go into settings and change your password immediately

Google introduced several settings available to its users so that their information more secure in their inbox. Indeed, thanks to your email, you can see if you have been hacked or not.

In addition, to avoid this, you have several options such as changing your password periodically or multilayer security.

To go further, if you have lost or misplaced your login information, you can relax because you initiated a recovery procedure.

This procedure is so simple and effective. You just go to the connection space Google and click on the field “I can not access my account”.

Then, do click on the option that applies to you and click “Next” to retrieve your username.