Since it was set up in 2004, Google mail continues to increase its popularity. So if you have not yet Gmail account, I Suggested to create your Gmail new account.

Let yourself be tempted with a registration to one of the most fun messaging of the Internet with a Gmail new account.

Come see for yourself and sign up for an Gmail account now.

Getting a Gmail new account is very simple and does not require much information. To begin, go to the main page of Google by clicking this shortcut Once you are on the page.

New to Gmail

To create a new Gmail account, you have to click here

Pay attention to the different topics that are doing above and click on Gmail”. The page will launch and display the result.

Then, when you are on the Gmail login page, link creation is just at the top right of your screen titled Create an account”. Make click it and note that registration is step by step.

The first step is identification vote. Indeed, enter your name, age, gender and other information. At the same time you will also have to choose your username that is to say:

  • User Name
  • Password

When you choose your “user name” Gmail will perform a verification to see if it is not already taken by another account. Then click “next step”. You can add a photo if you wish.

Account creation

After registration, you can login here

Then, Gmail ask you to enter your phone number, write it so that it can perform phone verification and validated thereafter.

As soon as it is you can now rejoice because you have to create your new Gmail account. Well, congratulations!

A messaging service and various Google tools social networks like Facebook or Yahoo

See why you have to switch for Gmail on Youtube and make your account creation:

Have an account so you can log from your computer or even you’re mobile. You just need internet access on your phone. Sign up on the connection space and have access to your account.

The Gmail is linked to several Google services that fail to be creative to put you at ease in this new world that you hang as new.

Plus Gmail

Gmail is also on Google Plus

In case of difficulty you can use the help service using Google mail that will tell you what to do. Have an account which allows Google+ to stay connected with the people you love, much like Facebook but much better and you need to create another Gmail account to gain access.