Installing godaddy wordpress via your godaddy account is fairly easy. With a managed pro account, you can get unlimited storage. Learn more at

Install WordPress and get unlimited storage too

You can go to the Godaddy website and choose the managed hosting that suits you. There are starter, business and pro options to choose from. The pro option gives you unlimited storage, and that is reflected in the slightly higher cost. Review the options, including the multisite options and make your choice. Alternatively, you can manage your own WordPress publishing system, in which case you must sign up for a Godaddy account.

If you already have an account and a login, you can install WordPress via your account manager page. Before you make any changes to your existing website or themes, make sure you backup your website and/or online content first.

Godaddy Hosting

Find more about GoDaddy hosting plans

Click the “Web Hosting” link and click on the option that matches the hosting and FTP system that you have. There is:

  • Web/Classic (Hosting Control Panel)
  • Linux (cPanel)
  • Windows (Plesk)

Click “Manage” and then applications, web applications, or popular apps. Search for a section saying WordPress and follow the on-screen instructions provided. WordPress may be unable to connect to your database during the installation, but the fix is as simple as updating your wp-config.php file to work with their database servers. There are guides on how to do it on the website, but it is not a common problem for most people.

Login to your account GoDaddy WordPress

Gaining access to your account is simple. Enter your email address and your password and it will send you through to your account where you can see the changes you have made.

What if you do not have a account?

If you want a godaddy wordpress website and do not have a godaddy account, you can do a hosting review on the Internet and compare them with their slow and unresponsive competitors. You buy an economy, deluxe or ultimate account. All offer bandwidth without limits, and the deluxe and ultimate have unlimited websites and storage too.

Godaddy Pricing

Choose your internet solution on GoDaddy

It is hardly surprising so many people have a account when you consider the number of options you get. Plus, you can opt for managed or unmanaged WordPress too. There are multisite options and they guarantee a 99.9% uptime.

How to contact GoDaddy?

Mails headquarter to: [email protected]

Call godaddy expert at:

  • 480-505-8877 (English / available 24/7)
  • 480-463-8300 (Espanol / available 24/7)

Headquarter address:

14455 North Hayden Road,

Suite 219, Scottsdale, AZ. 85260 USA