BlueHost is a cutting edge web hosting service on designed to provide you with all the space and services required to host a site. The number of customers supplied by the company is growing at the staggering rate of around 20,000 per month, thereby demonstrating their popularity with existing customers.

A 24/7 customers service line operating from the USA is provided to take care of any issues that may arise with the service. The company also has an impressive portfolio of customer reviews to be found on various review sites and guides, so be sure to check these out before making your decision! The guide below will explain how to get started.

Why Create an Account on

Creating an account on its site has a number of important positive points which should be considered before you make a final decision on your web host. BlueHhost offers you unlimited domain hosting, unlimited storage space and unlimited file transfer capacity. The site also allows you to manage an unlimited number of any of three different email domains, as well as other external domains entirely of your choosing, catering for both secure and non-secure versions of both POP3 and IMAP webmail systems. They offer a free domain name and a free one year subscription to your site builder, complete with templates to help your website design go even smoother. Website construction can be a breeze with the site builder and great web hosting services provided by this company.

You even have the option to upload your own pre-built site to your new domain, allowing all the design and customizations to be completed on a platform of your choosing.

The company also provides a Virtual Private Server (VPS) system, meaning that a single set of server hardware can be operated as the functional equivalent to a multitude of separate servers.

This design has several obvious benefits, including a guaranteed share of the system’s resources, regardless of the traffic levels or server status of any other website they supply.

The instant provisioning of our VPS system also facilitates the rapid response of your site after provisioning your system, whereas the competition may require hours or even days to perform such a task.

The bluehost Affiliate Program

Affiliate program Bluehost

To earn money, begin the BlueHost affiliate program!

The affiliate program provided by the site even allows your referrals to generate a healthy sum of money for your pocket. You’ll be paid $65.00 for each and every referral of yours who creates an account.

The online tools provided on the site allow you to manage and download your very own tracking links and banners, as well as to view the success of your affiliation campaign by having a look at click-through ratios of your links, as well as to track your clicks, conversions and commission payments resulting from your banners and links.

Advanced Features

In addition to the basics of web hosting, this company also provides you with the capabilities required to tap into its more advanced features such as video and audio streaming and MIDI file support.

They also add your website’s name to their name servers, thereby allowing users to search the directory for details of your website.

The popular free and open source blogging software provided by WordPress can also be integrated with your site, and in fact, the Alexa Internet list of the top one million websites reveals that 14.7% of those in the top one million use WordPress, so why not join in and make your website one of the many cashing in on this powerful tool?

Setting up your account: how to host a domain?

Bluehost account

To login or sign up, fill in these fields and let’s go!

Setting up an account with BlueHost is quick and easy. The list below will show you how:

  1. From the homepage, select the button labeled ‘Sign Up Now’.
  2. Enter your preferred domain name in the field provided. Whether you’ve already purchased a domain name and would like to transfer it across to our superior web hosting service, or you’d like to create a new domain name entirely from scratch, either option is available to you from this page. If your required name is unavailable, the engine will provide you with closely related alternative names.
  3. Fill in your details in the form that appears.
  4. Select the package which you envision will most appropriately meet your needs (this can always be updated at a later date).
  5. Enter your payment information.
  6. Enter your coupon code, if you have one.

Once you’ve provided this information and either uploaded your pre-made site or constructed your site using our powerful and interactive site builder, you’re ready to explore the cPanel.

The cPanel is the best way to bring together all of the options and settings available to you in one place, while organizing the baffling array of choices and setting them out in a logical and intuitive way.

This list of settings and options is the simplest way to monitor the status of your system and to coordinate all of the options hidden within the workings of the server stacks.

The most recent episode of the familiar BlueHost vs Hostgator struggle saw BlueHost the clear victor, and once you have had a look at the services they provide, it will be difficult to accept anything less. Why not sign up today?

BlueHost Headquarters at 1958 South 950 Est, Provo, UT 84606