Daily, it is accounting. This is why the accountability definition quite complex but equally easy to understand according to the level of everyone.

Remember that it is essential that everyone is accounting in her life. Whether, in business or in their personal life, because money is the main element of this discipline.

Give me an accountability definition

Formula accountability

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As I said in the preamble, the accounting is practiced at all levels of your life. From a young age, children are taught how to manage their pocket money economically.

With this method we can get down to that there is a money management technique for kids. All businesses and organizations regardless of their field of activity are the accounts. For a better understanding, you can see some quotes about accountability.

It is a language of internal communication used in business to reflect the reality of a company’s accounts.

Whatever your linguistic affiliation, just translate it to your advantage, for example in Spanish.

What is done in accounting?

Accountability in business

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In business, accounting comes down to keeping consistent and daily accounts of the company. It is an organized and standardized principles and international standards.

In short documents routinely faced accountants are :

  • Account balance
  • Review
  • Income statement

To mention only those ones. Each documents its importance in his work and allows tracing the path of a company in terms of sales, acquisitions and investments.

Today, in the area of education students are taught an accountability definition that summarizes the management of assets or of the property of a business.

In high schools such as Oxford, for example, accounting is seen in all these aspects of management of a government or a company.

Managing money requires accountability to people for whom you work if you are an employee.

For those who operate in the public domain, the government implements politics to manage accounts in a manner consistent with State and accurately reflect the financial position of the structure in charge.

M Webster Accountability definition

A friendly definition proposed by M. Webster

The area in which you work is not important. Even the medical sector artisans, those who are in nursing are kept accounts if they want to prosper and improve the structure of care for patients.

No area is left in this discipline. As long as there is money circulating in the network should be able to monitor the input and output business assets.

An obligation on which depends the management continuity of the company or the government and all its shareholders.