Find here how to participate to the survey made by king of the American breakfast Dunkin Donuts on its site All steps, which will allow you to reach the questionnaire on, are presented to you here in detail.

How to be sounded on

Dunkin donuts is one of the biggest restaurant chains in the United States. There are many American citizens who crowd every morning in his stores to take their breakfast.

Dunkin guest satisfaction

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Its good donuts and his bagel accompanied with coffee are very appreciated by the citizens. For his customers, Dunkin donuts make permanent survey.

To participate in this survey you have to connect first of all in the homepage of the site

You will have on this new page a frame in which you will have a message of welcome. The message is written in two languages that are English and Spanish.

Just at the bottom of the message of welcome you will have the message “according to” to take this survey in English, click here “. Click on the option ” click here ” and you will automatically be redirected towards a new page.

On this new page, you will have a new frame in which you will have a first message.

Then you will have down another message under which you will have directly four compartments in which you will be invited to enter the code survey 18 digits which is on one of your receipts.

The message invites you to write your code survey into compartments. You will also have an example of a receipt with the survey code surrounded in red.

If you don’t find yourselves at the level of the receipt you can show a complete screen shot of a receipt by clicking on ” click here “ at the level of the message ” To see the full house receipt, click here “ situated at the bottom of the frame.

After validation, you will have automatically access to the form of survey and can answer the questions.

What’s to be done if you have no Dunkin code

Dunkin Donuts survey

Enter your code here

He can arrive that there is no code on your receipt. To solve this problem, you will have a small message written in blue just after the button “start”. Click this message, a new page will display then in your browser.

You will have on this page a frame presenting the same aspect as that of the previous page.

The only difference is that you will have at first a single compartment into which you will be invited to enter the 6 – digit blind numbers which is placed at the top of your receipt.

You will then have to choose the date of your last visit in a store Dunkin donut then you will also choose the hour of your visit. Once all these fields filled you will not have more than to validate by clicking the button “Next”.

A new page on which you will have your survey codes will display then in your browser. So, you can resume the a little higher exposed process to make you sound.

For more information

You can obtain more information about telldunkin and Dunkin Donuts on the page DD Google plus of the restaurant. It is a good way to follow their activities.