Numerous Iowa court records can be found by accessing Iowa courts online. Let us look at some of the basic aspects of


Registering to Access Iowa Court Records


EDMS helps you to login on Iowa Courts. Find all information on home page of the governmental website

There are numerous benefits to be countered when registering with this site. A host of information can be encountered including:

  1. Mugshots
  2. Warrants
  3. Divorce Forms
  4. Current Inmates
  5. A Basic Person Search
Iowa courts login

Before logging in, don’t forget to register. Find all details in this article

Registration on Iowa Courts online will take place through a service that is known as the Electronic Document Management System (EDMS). A valid email account is required. Information such as one’s name, current address and age are necessary. Once the request is submitted and accepted, this system will provide the client with numerous options such as the ability to pay fines through an efile system, perform a background check on an inmate and request other legally relevant forms.

Other Services Provided Through Iowa Courts Online Record

There are numerous additional benefits that are offered for those who wish to register with Iowa courts online. A handful of these amenities will include:

  • Access to relevant press releases.
  • Encountering attorneys based in Iowa.
  • Searching docket records.
  • Finding court records.
  • Information on self-representation.

In fact, the only way to access these and numerous other services is by registering with the website through their secure electronic system. These functions are ideal for lawyers, professionals and even average citizens who wish to be kept abreast of all legal happenings with the state.

Finally, this website is not only useful for those who are interested in specific inmates. On the contrary, such systems are excellent when one needs to perform a thorough background check on a certain person, wishes to find an old acquaintance or simply needs to know if any outstanding warrants exist in association with a potential tenant. These are but a handful of the reasons why one would choose to use this online governmental portal.

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