See how to create Icloud account here, learn how sign on, login and manage your apple account online easily. Be sure to have your apple ID, and note it to sign in.

How can I connect myself to my online account?

It is very simple. You only have to go to on Icloud website and enter your Apple ID and your password. From this moment on, you will be connected to Icloud.

Login Icloud

Login Icloud

How to manage your iCloud account?

It is also very simple: Icloud takes care of everything. All your folders, photos, movies or contacts are automatically save by Icloud. Then, you will use it like your apple device. This is as intuitive as your “Iphone” or your “Ipad”.

Icloud dashboard

Icloud dashboard

How to get back my password?

If you happen to lose it, just go on Icloud, fill the blanks after clicking on the following button:

Forgot Icloud password

And enjoy your new password!

What’s Icloud on

Icloud stores your:

  • music
  • photos
  • videos
  • apps
  • calendars

Then transfer them to your computers and devices using IOS5.

Icloud is seamlessly integrated to your apps: you have nothing to do, your files are automatically synchronized in each devices you are using.

Icloud allows you to have every file of your Itunes Library wherever you are at anytime.

It also allows your photos to appear automatically in every device you own from the moment the photo is taken!

You can also create documents and presentation on your Mac and finish it somewhere else on your Ipad without having anything to do. The files will automatically be updated. Icloud is already working with Keynote, Numbers and Pages. You can also begin a game on your Ipad and continue it on your Iphone at the level you left it.

Your calendars, mails and contacts are stored and kept up to date by Icloud. You have nothing to worry about.

Icloud is also very useful with the social networks:

You can find all information on Icloud Twitter profile, or become a liker by following their actuality on Facebook. Moreover, you can see the Icloud story on the Wikipedia article.