See here how to create Hotmail account and manage your webmail.
Login and sign in very quickly with Windows live messenger.
Send and secure your mail, avoid spam, choose hotmail.

Hotmail is a free email service developed by Microsoft.
This messaging service offers many benefits to those who use it.
Indeed, it has a webmail, an antiphishing, antispam and antivirus software made freely available to users. Hotmail is therefore a highly secured messaging service on it is very easy to be registered.

Steps to create a hotmail account

To create hotmail account, simply connect to the home page by typing on Google or other engine search.
Once connected, you have at the left of the screen two quadrants in which you will get back your credentials in case you already have an account.

Hotmail account sign-in

You will also have an option at the bottom “Create an account now” on which you must click to register.

Hotmail new account

Once the choice is made you will need to complete an information form. Form filling is done in five steps.
In the first step, you must fill in the fields:

  • Name
  • Date of birth
  • Sex

This step allows you to provide your personal information.

In the second step, you will specify:

This step allows you to create your credentials that are the username and password of your choice.

Finalize your inscription on Hotmail

In the third step, you need to complete the phone number field in which you choose the country of residence and provide your phone number.
Then you enter an email address that you already have on another email service such as yahoo for example.

In the fourth step, you must fill in the fields:

  1. Country / region
  2. Postal code

At the fifth step, you need to enter a captcha code characters that will be proposed in order to verify that you are not a robot.

Hotmail captcha

Once all these steps past you’ll just confirm by clicking “I accept” and your Hotmail account will automatically be created and ready to use.
Create hotmail account, as simple as that.