You are a student and you need a loan? Then connect to the university accounting services of your institution and subscribe an account Online Now.

You are interested, then here’s how to login and get an account.

A fast and easy connection process


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The first mission of the university accounting services is to help students to get a quick loan with repayment facilities that fit their student status. We could assimilate the plan to help students practice in Rutgers University in New Jersey.

To access the site, click this link my university account. It will take you directly to the login page. You’ll just below the space that allows access to their account, the title “Register“.

Click to launch the subscription form. Once done, you should complete the three fields that follow to get an account:

  • The credit institution
  • Social Security Number to borrow
  • Number of zip code

Then you end by clicking on “Submit” and you will get your login you will go online at any time. And voila! You just create your free online account securely.

Regarding access to your online account, it is only a detail. Indeed, simply return to the login page and fill in your ID in the boxes of these elements:

  1. Screen ID
  2. Password

Enter your username in doing a click on “Log In“.

Phone numbers of university accounting services at your disposal to send questions.

University account contact

Find here how to call the help desk

Knowing that it is not often obvious to find everything on a website, you have the possibility to get in touch with an online service. In fact, you have at your disposal a telephone number is (800) 999-6227.

Or fax number: (262) 784-9014 in case of need for documents for example. For the mailing address is PO Box 932, Brookfield WI 53008.

In addition you have the FAQ section that will give you more clarification. See all uas contact here

An online account gives you direct access to various forms of loan.

Here are the types of forms that are available online.

Student loan

Choose the right case according to your needs

To find a loan form online on the website of university accounting services and this very simple. On the main page of the site, you have several topics that treat each other different elements.

Indeed, for a link to student loans, you just need the field “student-borrower“. You will find everything that is related to the borrower and the conditions for granting student loan or other review.

Then you also have the option to defer loan or cancel. Everything depends on your situation. When this happens, remember that you just go to the “benefit forms”. 

Make click it and a new tab will be launched. Read the instructions and make your choice depending on what you want it to say:

  • Either you opt for a deferment form
  • Or you choose to cancel your loan by clicking the cancellation form.

Note that you should give valid reasons to justify the procedure you wish to enter.

You can subscribe online your educational documents and tax.

Student online document

Choose the last under title to download your documents

These documents are available in January. In fact, eligible students must be in possession of electronic documents available on the tax site.

They are necessary for you to perform your payments of different taxes and avoid scam. In addition, if you qualify, you may be entitled to a tax reduction.

To access these documents online go to the section devoted to the borrower and do a click on the last field in the list and follow the instructions.