Manage your Shell account online and access securely to your shell tools by Internet or mobile phone. You can also manage your credit card or contact the customer service.

Login Shell account online

To enter on your customer area, go on Then, you can login your User ID:

User id remember my id

If you want that the website recognize your ID, you just have to tick “Remember my ID”. Thus, during the next connection, you will just have to fill in your password:

Password do not select rember my id

You can enter your password in this data field. If you are using a public computer, never tick “remember my ID”. Then, you have to choose why you are connecting on your Shell account:

Take me too

You have 5 choices :

  1. Account home
  2. Account activity
  3. Make a payment
  4. Credit limit increase
  5. Statements

When you have selected 1 of these 5 possibilities, you just have to click on the following button:

Sign on

If you made all these stuffs without success, it is probably because your Shell account online is expired.

If you have not accessed your account information in the past 18 month

Indeed, if you don’t connect yourself on the Shell website since 18 months, you have to register with a new ID.

I forgot my Shell password?

If you have forgot your password, don’t worry, you can reset it by clicking on this link:

Forgot your user id or password

You will be able to enter your account number in this formulary in order to recover your password:

Enter your account number

[warning]CAUTION : Don’t use asterisks, hyphens, space and PINs when you enter your account number.[/warning]

Register on Shell account

If you are not register yet, you can create your account easily in 6 steps. To begin, click on this button:

Register now

You are now on the first step. To pass it, you will need your credit card number. So take your credit card or your gas card and fill in the account number in this frame:

Credit card account number

When you have done it, click on continue. Now, you can follow the instruction during the 5 others steps to create your account online. Be sure to fill in the right information and your area will be created successfully.

Enter account number

Shell customer support

If you have another problem who can not be resolve on your shell account, you can contact the customer support according to your credit card service.

For your Shell card, you can contact these phones:

Shell card technical assistance

If you have a classic MasterCard use them:

Shell mastercard from citi cards

Customer service for Gold Master Card:

Shell gold mastercard from citi cards technical assistance

To finish, the service for Platinum Mastercard:

Shell platinium select mastercard from citi cards

Learn more about Shell

If you want more information about the Shell account and its services, you can visit Wikipedia. You can also contact shell credit card by linkedin. Or see all credit cards of the company on youtube. To see the implication of shell in the environment, visit their twitter. Join the 2 millions Shell likers on Facebook.