For personal reasons, you would abandon your current profile Skype, but the concern is that you do not know how to delete Skype account, so here is the procedure.

Steps to get to know how to delete a Skype account permanently.

How to successfully remove skype profile forever?

Actually, it is not possible to delete his account skype forever whatever version even if it is the 2012 example. So the answer to how to delete a skype account, one could reply that it is not possible.

Skype profile

Here is your profile with all information

However, you can remove all personal information about yourself and leave the account to open another if you wish. So how it happens? What information is not removed or beings?

To delete all personal information from a computer or on Mac, follow these instructions.

Before giving an account, it is often recommended to remove all personal traces so that it is not exploited for inconvenient.

In fact, go to the page from login for skype and from computer by opening the application (you can also delete your account on android).

Once this is done, connect to your account and go with your mouse on the following topics:

  • Skype
  • Profile
  • Edit your profile.

On Mac, for those who have of course, go to the page from login on Mac and you do earlier diagram below:

  1. Skype
  2.  File
  3. Edit your profile

So, when your personal information appears, start deleting your data. You start with your name as the nickname him cannot be changed in this way.

Then continue your process so that you do not forget anything. However, the date of birth cannot be deleted, in which case it is preferable to have a different date of yours.

Personal info

Be sure to cancel all these fields and to replace your mail by a false one.

You can also leave a status stating that you no longer use your account so your friends do not encounter this account is no longer valid.

[notice]Caution: Be sure to remove your email address with a false one. As example, you can use [email protected][/notice]

Can be used the account of one of your friends to cancel your account?

It is not possible to use the account of one of his friends to permanently close your account because they do not have access to your account as an owner but just as just friends on Skype.

So it is not a resource used. The only way you have is the one that has to be explained.

However, with regard to the history of your discussions with your friends, it is very difficult to remove because of Skype, you could say that the function delete message history does not exist.

You can still try to do it by going into the Document / settings / Skype (folder) and delete the history from there but it is also difficult because it is not easy to identify the precise history you want to erase.

Do you already want to delete your Skype account? Have no regrets…