Connect and manage your account of member of the big community of with the various steps which are presented here to you.
Reach to your account in complete safety and take advantage of many possibilities that offers you your status of member of the Mypanera family.

Connect in one’s account on

mypanera account

Login into your panera account

The site is intended for the gastronomy lovers .
Hundreds of recipes and articles are put at the disposal of the members of the site.
To enjoy his privileges of member you have to connect in your account to manage it.
For that you have to connect in the homepage of the site from the following website:

You will see on the homepage the various tabs of the site followed by images of various recipes.
You will have at the top of the right-hand side of the page two options that are:

login Mypanera

Enter into Mypanera account

  • LOG IN

The first option is the one that you will have to choose to connect you.
Click LOG IN and wait for the new page of connection, which should immediately display in your sailor.
You will have on this, a form of connection entitled ” please log in “.

In this form are both fields of connection to be filled. It is about fields:

  • Username
  • Password

You have to insert into the first field the user name which you chose during the creation of the account.
At the level of the field ” Password “ you have to insert your password.
Once both fields filled with the correct data you will pass in the validation, which will give you access to the interface of management of your account.
To validate, you will have only to click the green button ” LOG IN “ placed after the field ” Password “.
If your data correct sound you will reach then without problem at all your account.

How to find one’s lost password

reset Mypanera password

Forgot Mypanera account

In case of forgetting of one of your identifiers or two you have the possibility of getting them.
For that, you will just have to choose one of the options which are in the message written immediately after the field ” Password “.

These options are the following ones:

  • Username
  • Password
  • Both

So, as function of the case you have to click one of these options.
A new page will display then and you will have to supply the information which will be asked to you and to validate. The information to be supplied will differ according to the choice which you will have made.
Do not wait any more.
Connect simply and take advantage of all the good recipes which propose you the other members of the community.

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