Internet banking is a simple way of managing finances and is available to BB&T customers through bb&t online. Go now on logon page at

It is simple to set up an online account and the following is a guide.

Creating a BB&T Online Account

A bb&t online account can be created through the home page of the BB&T website. When this opens look to the right hand side of the screen for the Online Banking box and click on the “Enroll Now” button.

BB&T online logon

Create your account on BB&T Banking in 5 minutes. And then, manage your money online

This opens a new screen where personal and business customers that have a BB&T account can complete an application for online services. Depending on their account, customers will require a combination of:

  • Social security number
  • ATM/Check Card number
  • PIN
  • Address
  • Account number to complete the process.

This involves creating a User ID and password. It should take no longer than five minutes to do and once the enrollment is approved customers can access their online account.

Logon to a BB&T Online Account

To logon banking customers need to enter their User ID and Password. The best way to do this is through BB&T’s online website. Anyone that loses their User ID details should click on the “Forgot Your User ID”? link. This shows a phone number where it is possible to chat to an associate to regain access to an account. This can also be used to reset a forgotten password or alternatively follow the “Forgot Your Password” link to reset online.

BB&T home page

To sign up, just see at the middle right of the BB&T home page and fill in your personal information.

BB&T Online Account Services

An online account provides access to a range of useful features. This includes online statements where check and deposit transactions can be viewed, as well as the current balance of an account. Other features include a free bill pay service and customers can also transfer funds, order check books, open new accounts and make an association payment for their home. All this is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Other Services

Customers that want to contact BB&T can send and receive messages through a secure link in their online account. Business customers can also set up Cash Manager Online, where they can view their company bank details and make real-time transactions.

A bb&t online account is a common sense idea for any person or business that banks with them. 24/7 access and excellent features make it a great way for anyone to keep on top of their finances.

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